I hate working for other people!

I graduated in 2005 and the nightmare of finding a job started haunting me. Nothing seemed to be working out. Applying to jobs online, calling friends and relatives to see who might be able to help, submitting my CV to recruiting agencies.


The task seemed to be impossible:

  1. Most companies required experience of at least 3 years for most types of jobs
  2. What I learnt in university only seemed to be the basics. The job descriptions always seemed to be like Latin, software platforms I’ve never heard of, additional certificate requirements as if wasting 5 years of my life in university wasn’t enough and i was supposed to waste another 5 years and another 30,000 USD learning new skills just to please some greedy asshole in his golden chair.
  3. Attending Job fairs, but so did thousands of other people.. it is really impossible to standout of the crowd.

I finally found a job in February of 2006 and I was happily employed until March of 2013, when my company went out of projects and slowly started dropping out its staff.

The search for a job started again and you would assume that 7 years of experience would make the task of finding a job easier. Well, 7 years of experience certainly didn’t hurt, but browsing for jobs I almost never found a job related to what I’ve been working in 7 years. The Engineering field is so diverse and being an expert in all field always seems like any impossibility.

All through the last 8 years since 2005 this is what I learnt. I really hate working for other people:

    1. During my 7 years of work, I was exposed to all kinds of managers, all kinds of bosses and clients and I simply cannot stand someone telling me what to do, how to do it and when to do it.
    2. I’ve been exposed to all sort of employees, especially government employees and it simply sickens me to see useless people with zero productivity having big fat jobs with secure long term benefits. Something is wrong out there, why should such a person be able to secure such a job if he has no skills and he is lazy and dumb like hell.asleep-at-desk .
    3. I feel that by working for a company, you really work your ass off, do a lot of sacrifices, only for the benefit of some rich bastard who probably gathered his money in illegitimate methods and what do you get? nothing, just a salary to make ends meet and worse of all, if the company decides, they can let you go any time they want.make_end_meet

All sounds like slavery to me.

What do you think?